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GUEST POST: Why You're Not Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

By Dean Jamieson | Nov 4, 2014

Written by: By Chris and Eric Martinez of Dynamic Duo Training Introduction To start this off, we will quote the National Institutes of Health Technology Assessment Conference Panel: “Weight regain is generally the rule, with long-term follow up studies indicating that one-third to two-thirds of the weight lost is regained within 1 year and almost…

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Cleansing, Detoxing and Pissing in the Wind….

By Dean Jamieson | Oct 30, 2014

Hey guys, I hope you’re well? Every so often I get a little annoyed at silly things in the health/fitness/nutrition industry so I jump on my computer, write it how it is to try and HELP people regarding the best ways to get in shape. Yesterday I was involved in a discussion on Facebook about…

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Successful Fat loss Strategies

By Dean Jamieson | Oct 29, 2014

After 26 weeks of dieting, I thought I would share some of the practical things that I have learned about the nutritional side of dropping fat, remaining consistent and actually reaching that final goal.   My Fitness Pal Without fail, I weigh and log my food on this app every single day. My food is…

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The POWER of Online Training

By Dean Jamieson | Oct 20, 2014

Last year I hit 50 years of age. After a life time playing lots of different sports (at a low level!), I had accumulated a number of injuries, such as rotator cuff and knee problems, which reduced my exercise regime to a minimum. Combine a reducing exercise workload with my love of food, chocolate and…

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Preparing for a Comp

By Dean Jamieson | Oct 16, 2014

This blog was written By Kate Gorman @ Lean Performance. This coming weekend I will step on stage as a novice Figure competitor with INBA, a drug tested natural bodybuilding federation. Some of you reading this will have seen me in person over the duration of this journey, others since I started my comp prep…

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Skinny Fat

By Dean Jamieson | Oct 14, 2014

Skinny legs, skinny arms and a fat gut.   How did this happen and what the hell are you going to do about?   Whilst I’m doing a good job of insulting the “skinny fat people” I’ll just keep going shall I?   More than likely you’re pretty damn weak as well.   Ok, so…

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The Barbell Complex

By Dean Jamieson | Oct 7, 2014

Over the past few months we haven’t posted much on training, so here we go. Want to burn fat and improve your conditioning??? Welcome to the barbell complex. What is the barbell complex? It’s a series of big compound movements that will elevate your heart rate, burn some serious fat and more then likely leave…

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My Personal Trainer can't count! VIA: Kate Gorman AND gymandfitness.com.au

By Dean Jamieson | Sep 30, 2014

I think it’s fairly standard that anyone who has ever had personal training would say “my personal trainer can’t count”. Before I was a PT I was convinced my trainer couldn’t count. When I became a trainer, I too discovered my clients were telling me that I couldn’t count either. “A 3 year old can…

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Accumulation for the WIN!!!

By Dean Jamieson | Sep 24, 2014

You are what you accumulate. In my opinion, whether it’s training, nutrition or business you will reap the rewards of accumulation. The more frequently you train with intensity and purpose the quicker you will reach your desired goal. In my case, the goal is to compete in a power lifting competition. To build strength anywhere…

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