Skinny Fat

Skinny legs, skinny arms and a fat gut.


How did this happen and what the hell are you going to do about?


Whilst I’m doing a good job of insulting the “skinny fat people” I’ll just keep going shall I?


More than likely you’re pretty damn weak as well.


Ok, so now we have that out the way, how are we going to fix it?


Sort your nutrition out.. The skinny fat person generally makes poor food choices. From past experience eating way too many carbs and nowhere near enough protein.


Nutrition will be your first port of call when trying to get rid of the skinny fat status.


Nail the nutrition and you’ll be well on your way.


Get strong… Don’t concern yourself with doing cardio work until you’ve built a decent base level of strength.


Use big compound movements to help build more muscle for example: squat, deadlift, chin ups.


Here are a few Lean Performance strength standards you should be hitting:


Squat >

Ladies – your body weight x 5 reps

Gents – your body weight x 10 reps


Deadlift >

Ladies – your body weight x 8 reps

Gents – 1.5 times your body weight x 5 reps


Chin ups>

Ladies – 1 rep

Gents -10 reps


If these numbers are currently out of reach you better get your ass in the gym and get started.


If you need help with your programming whether it be nutrition or strength training hit us up at Lean Performance, we can help face to face or online.




If you’re sick of being skinny fat change your nutrition habits and build strength.


Get your ass in the gym, work hard, be consistent and the results will come.