The Barbell Complex

Over the past few months we haven’t posted much on training, so here we go.

Want to burn fat and improve your conditioning???

Welcome to the barbell complex.

What is the barbell complex? It’s a series of big compound movements that will elevate your heart rate, burn some serious fat and more then likely leave you gasping for air.

Nobody wants to be chained to a treadmill to improve their fitness and in my opinion having a client walking on a treadmill during a PT session sucks… Not to mention boring.

Pick up the barbell, you won’t need much weight. Depending on strength levels generally 20-40kg should do the trick.

When I prescribe a complex I’m very strict on form, every rep must be quality and I will take note of the time the complex was completed in to keep the client accountable.

Here’s a barbell complex example:

Clean to press x 10

Front Squat x 10

RDL x 10 Bent over row x 10

Overhead press x 10

4-5 sets.

Check out the video on you tube:

I love to use complexes like this with my clients at the end of a strength session to make sure they leave the gym knowing they’ve pushed hard, burnt some calories and have a drop of sweat on the brow.

Train hard.

– Dean.