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And the WINNER is…..

By Dean Jamieson | Feb 17, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS Scotty McGill and Daniel Harvey on winning our first ever #TeamsChallenge between them they dropped almost 10 kg’s in 5 weeks which is an exceptional effort, well done lads. Huge improvements in body composition and strength/fitness has helped these two men take home $300 cash each as well as a supplement pack worth $200 each,…

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FREE Fat loss workout

By Dean Jamieson | Feb 13, 2015

Hey Guys, We love giving you free info to help smash your fat loss goals… Have a crack at this metabolic workout and let us know how you go? As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes: * Deadlift with your body weight on the bar x 10 * Push up x 10 * Mountain…

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Why YOU need to do Group Training with Lean Performance (Part 2)

By Dean Jamieson | Dec 18, 2014

With our first block of training for 2015 now open for registration we thought we would share with you what the people who do Lean Performance group training have to say..   If you are interested in joining us on Janurary here are the details and the registration link:   Services       “Champion…

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Giving the gift of Fitness this Christmas

By Dean Jamieson | Dec 10, 2014

Are you looking for a gift this holiday season for someone who is keen on fitness and nutrition? Whether it’s for a colleague at work or for a partner/ loved one, check out my suggestions for what I reckon are the must haves for anyone who is passionate about their nutrition and training. 1) PT/…

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Group Training and 5 reasons you need to Train with Lean Performance! (Part 1)

By Dean Jamieson | Dec 2, 2014

1) Intensity – this group trains with awesome intensity and without it your results will simply be mediocre. 2) Goals – with YOUR goals in mind we plan our sessions around what you want to achieve, choosing the best exercises to help you increase Fat loss and Performance. We endeavour to educate all of our…

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Unravelling the Truth about Carbs at Night.

By Dean Jamieson | Nov 23, 2014

Written by: Kate Gorman We all probably know this ancient proverb: “Eat… Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dine like a Pauper”. But how much truth is there really in this saying? You know what? The only reasonable bit of information you might like to take from it (unless you follow Intermittent Fasting)…

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You no longer WANT to train, You HAVE to!

By Dean Jamieson | Nov 17, 2014

Over the weekend I was chatting to a friend about finding the motivation to train and how he is currently struggling… This is a pretty common issue and what I would say is that if it’s important to you you will find the time to get it done! But, why are you training? What is…

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The #LP Warm Up

By Dean Jamieson | Nov 13, 2014

Hey Guys, Here’s a quick video on “The #LP Warm Up” You can’t expect to have a shitty warm up and still rip into a quality training session: Check this out > The importance of a proper warm up can not be under estimated… Dean.

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Are YOU ready to be Coached?

By Dean Jamieson | Nov 10, 2014

Written by: Kate Gorman As a PT, I meet and interact with all sorts of clientele from many different walks of life; some come to be coached for fat loss, some for fitness and others, lean muscle gains. They all have different values, attitudes and beliefs as well as a whole range of life experiences…

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