And the WINNER is…..


Scotty McGill and Daniel Harvey on winning our first ever #TeamsChallenge between them they dropped almost 10 kg’s in 5 weeks which is an exceptional effort, well done lads.

Huge improvements in body composition and strength/fitness has helped these two men take home $300 cash each as well as a supplement pack worth $200 each, collectively taking home $1,000 in cash and prizes…


Here are their RESULTS:

Scott McGill >>

Start – 105.5
Finish 100.3
Total Weight loss: -5.2kg

Start – 32.2%
Finish – 26.6
Total body fat % loss:  -5.6%

Start – 34kg
Finish – 26.7kg
Total body fat kg change: -7.3kg

Start – 68kg
Finish – 70kg
Total muscle mass change: +2kg


Daniel Harvey >>

Start – 94.1kg
Finish – 89.6kg
Total Weight loss: -4.5kg

Start – 24.7%
Finish – 22.6%
Total body fat % loss:  -2.1%

Start – 23.2kg
Finish – 20.2kg
Total body fat kg change: -3kg

Start – 67.4kg
Finish – 66kg
Total muscle mass change: -1.4kg

Well done lads, super results and all you hard work has paid off.

Our advice to you would be keep going now, you have made a start, don’t let it slip… Keep getting fitter and  keep getting stronger.

If you would like to change your body shape, get fitter and stronger than ever before.. Our next block of training starts Feb 28th.

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