Group Training and 5 reasons you need to Train with Lean Performance! (Part 1)

1) Intensity – this group trains with awesome intensity and without it your results will simply be mediocre.

2) Goals – with YOUR goals in mind we plan our sessions around what you want to achieve, choosing the best exercises to help you increase Fat loss and Performance.

We endeavour to educate all of our clients on the best training and nutrition protocols to ensure success.

3) Pride – as coaches we take pride in the sessions we run.

Every session is planned down to the second to ensure the best results possible.

There will be none of this jogging around the park BS to kill time, we get in, get it done and aim to improve every time we train.

4) Team Work – everyone thrives in a team environment, being pushed along by your peers is a great feeling and at Lean Performance it’s one in all in….

5) Results – time and time again our methods of training and nutrition have been proven to get awesome results. Stick to the plan, gain the result.

Here is a Go pro video of one of our sessions recently…

Enjoy and stay tuned for part 2: