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Get the F*** off them Scales!

By Dean Jamieson | Nov 18, 2013

Hey that got your attention! This blog post is about them dreaded scales… I’m sick of seeing people jump on the scales every single day to see how they are tracking yet only using this method to monitor progress. So, I did a little experiment which included weighing myself in every single day for 4…

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My very own '8 week Fast track to Fat Loss'

By Dean Jamieson | Nov 18, 2013

I just want to start by saying this is not some vein post to show off my results this is more a post to show you how the ‘8 week Fast track to Fat Loss’ can help you. Also, I want to prove that you can get in shape whilst being time poor and how…

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6 steps to Bikini's and Board Shorts!

By Dean Jamieson | Sep 9, 2013

With summer just around the corner I thought I would put some steps together to help you get in shape for beach season. * Nutrition – The most important thing to ensure your ready for summer is to get your nutrition in check. The first thing I would recommend is using the smart phone app…

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Interview: Nick Youngquest

By Dean Jamieson | Aug 13, 2013

I would like to welcome former professional Rugby League player turned full time model, Nick Youngquest to the blog. Nick retired from Rugby League in 2012 after playing professionally in Australia, France and England. Nick played 37 games in the NRL and 67 games in the English Super League as well as being the top…

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Interview: Jono Freeman

By Dean Jamieson | Aug 5, 2013

A big hello to everyone reading today, I would like to introduce Jono Freeman once again as he has guest blogged for me before. (See here-  http://deanjamiesonpt.com.au/guest-blog-fascia-and-posture-how-its-linked-and-why-it-really-matters/) In this post I’m going to ask Jono a few questions about what he does and his experiences in the Fitness industry. Jono Freeman is an Accredited Exercise…

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Interview: Rob Leslie

By Dean Jamieson | Jul 31, 2013

Over the next few weeks I’m going to take my blog in a different direction interviewing athletes and coaches in the fitness industry. If there is anyone you would like to hear from please let me know? First cab off the rank: Rob Leslie Firstly, I would like to welcome Rob to the Blog and…

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By Dean Jamieson | Jun 13, 2013

In my first blog of June I thought I would discuss the all or nothing attitude I often come across in regards to dieting and training. Ok, it’s Monday time to jump on the diet, today I will train twice, eat very little and boom I should be lean by Friday yeah? Too often I…

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"Clean eating" (Not your usual post)

By Dean Jamieson | May 27, 2013

What a bullshit phrase! After discussions with friends over the weekend I’m confused as to what “Clean eating” actually is? I don’t use the phrase myself but see it used just about everywhere, everyday. So what is “Clean eating”? You shower with you food? You spray cleaning products all over your salad? Don’t get me…

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Train SMART…

By Dean Jamieson | May 20, 2013

Stop wasting your time with sub-optimal training. I’m sick of walking into the gym and seeing someone doing a single arm, cable, tricep kick-back as their first exercise of the training regimen. Don’t get me wrong there’s a time and a place to train the smaller muscle groups but if you want progress stop being…

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