Nutrition; Intermittent Fasting

Hello and welcome to my blog again. It’s NYE here in th UK and I’m taking a few minutes out whilst on holidays to write this post mainly because I know so many people are going to set some pretty shitty health/fitness/nutrition goals in the next few days as the new year resolutions are set.…

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Week 3: Getting a Pro Rugby Player Strong

It is the end of our first three week block and great gains have been made in working towards the kick-off of the 2013 Super League season in February. In this week’s blog I’m going to outline a full session for you and the exact improvement in DJ’s strength from week 1-3 also including another…

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Week 1: Getting a Pro Rugby Player STRONG!

I have been involved in the Fitness Industry for Seven years, working with Professional Athletes has always been my number one goal and what better sport to help someone prepare for than Rugby League. Rugby League is a brutal contact sport which requires a number of physical attributes in order to compete at the top…

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