Nutrition; Intermittent Fasting

Hello and welcome to my blog again.

It’s NYE here in th UK and I’m taking a few minutes out whilst on holidays to write this post mainly because I know so many people are going to set some pretty shitty health/fitness/nutrition goals in the next few days as the new year resolutions are set.

Today I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of Intermittent fasting; I believe I’m in the perfect position to do so as I completed 8 weeks of Intermittent fasting pre Christmas and believe that’s the difference between myself and other coaches by this I mean I would not dismiss something without giving it a go myself first.

Intermittent Fasting is when you fast for a certain period of time and then set an eating window to consume you’re daily macronutrients. For example; I would fast for 17 hours and eat within a 7 hour window around my workouts. The goal for fasting being fat loss.

Whilst fasting I believe it is very important to set macronutrient targets to ensure you don’t under/over eat. For example my individual targets based on my body weight were;
Protein 220g
Carbs; 70-100g
Fats; 50g

During my fasting periods I allowed myself to consume BCAA’s, black coffee and water. Based on my personal experience I would generally consume 4-5 liters of fluid daily which made the fasting a lot easier.

Now, I have read many so called experts opinions of Intermittent fasting and I know for a fact some haven’t even bothered to try it or don’t even properly know what it involves. I have also seen numerous scienfitic studies that don’t exactly back up Intermittent Fasting but what I would say is “Do what works for YOU” sometimes science isn’t bullet proof.

Did Intermittent Fasting work for me? Yes it did, defiantly. I gained lean muscle and dropped body fat whilst doing minimal cardio by minimal I mean 6 x 30 maximal sprints, 3 times per week, 9 mins weekly.

Is Intermittent Fasting for everyone? No, defiantly not. The reason it worked for me is that it worked well around my work schedule- plain and simple. Like I said earlier do what works for you. If you have had eating disorders/ issues before I would defiantly NOT reccomend it. If you are looking for something different then eating 6 times per day like a rabbit to supposedly make you’re metabolism faster which is complete rubbish anyway but that’s another story for another day.

In conclusion; Intermittent Fasting defiantly isn’t for everyone but I believe it can and will work for you if you’re macronutients are set correctly and you are disciplined enough to follow it through.

I look forward to a great 2013 with you all. Thanks for reading.

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