Week 3: Getting a Pro Rugby Player Strong

It is the end of our first three week block and great gains have been made in working towards the kick-off of the 2013 Super League season in February.
In this week’s blog I’m going to outline a full session for you and the exact improvement in DJ’s strength from week 1-3 also including another video of the athlete performing the Power Clean.
The below table will outline exercises performed and the outcome of week 1’s lifts and the progression to the outcome of the lift in week 3. All variables remained the same and some great results have been made:
Lower Body Session 1:
Warm up- ART using foam rollers ITB, Quads, Glutes, Hip flexors + Dynamic stretching Hamstrings, Lower back and Quads.
Week 1
Week 3
Power Clean
Work up to:
3 RM
3 x 95kg / 1 x 100kg
15kg increase
Back Squat
Week 1 x 8
Week 3 x 3
Reps lowered in week 3. 35kg increase
DB Split Squat
8 (each leg)
10kg increase in total
Good morning
Concentrating on form not weight in this exercise
Trx Hamstring Curl
Body weight
Body weight
Athlete said he felt loads stronger during this movement
Obviously the top two lifts provide the most bang for your buck and the most relative to Rugby League. To see the increase in strength like this over a three week period makes me very excited for our next three week block beginning Monday. Progression is the key  and we will continue to push the limits every time DJ enters the weight room as I know the guys in the UK will be training the house down this time of year also.
Here is a video of DJ performing 3RM Power Clean:
When DJ came to me to help him prepare for his upcoming season he would be the first to admit his flexibility in certain areas wasn’t great for example his thoracic was extremely tight and shoulder mobility could have been better therefore limiting the amount of overhead work we could do.
Straight away he began to work on his flexibility as we knew it would defiantly impact us from gaining optimal strength. To his credit he has gone away and worked super hard on his flexibility with Osteo/ Chiro sessions as well as participating in Yoga and Pilates several times per week this has allowed him to really improve, in turn watching his numbers rise in the weight room. If flexibility or mobility (let’s not confuse the two) is lacking optimal strength gains won’t be made.
I have no doubt this athlete will turn up  to his new club stronger then he has ever been before and it really is a credit to his commitment and dedication, I look forward to seeing him reap the rewards of all his hard work.
That is all I have time for this week, thanks for reading. Stay tuned for our next 3 week block as we will be stepping it up each and every session.