Treating Your Body Like an Amusement Park?

You’re strict with your food Monday – Friday, everything is going great, body weight is slightly down, then you go ahead and treat your yourself like an amusement park on the weekends…


Lets get it fixed, let’s give you some protocols that’ll help you adhere to your nutrition plan on the weekends.


  • Meal Prep – its boring but it works, have your meals prepped and ready, eating out will sometimes lead to over eating.


  • Social events – that’s fine, plan for them, reduce calories elsewhere so your overall calorie intake is in check.


  • Alcohol consumption – that’s fine, allow for it, don’t over eat during or after when you’re hung-over, don’t miss your workouts.


  • All the food – just because you had one bad meal which wasn’t in your plan doesn’t mean you have to eat all the food, all weekend – get back to the plan ASAP.


  • Calories –overall calorie intake is still the most important thing when it comes to losing and gaining weight.


  • Move your arse – go for a walk, play with the kids, take the dog out, go surfing, throw a ball.


Sure these steps are simple, fat loss is not rocket science, let’s not over complicate things here, stick to your plan and see the results flow.


Thanks for reading.


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