The Mid Year Audit

deep squat

Last week we completed the “Mid Year Audit’ for the Men’s Strength and Conditioning group.


To give you some quick background info on the group, they train 2-3 times per week in the gym at 5:15am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


As a group collectively the goal is fat loss, however we heavily focus on improving physical performance and turning the gents into unbeatable/ unbreakable savages – just kidding. The age range is from 25 to 50 years old. Some are tradies, some desk jokeys and business owners.


From my experience as a coach when you’re performing well and aiming to get stronger/fitter each session the body composition will take care of itself.


Now, below I will show you what tests we carried out and the records for those tests.


Please keep in mind that the athlete is only competing against himself, if you’re looking at joining this group you’re not expected to hit these numbers, we are always focusing on individual improvement in a small group-training environment.


5-rep maximum tests:


Squat = 120kg

Bench = 110kg

Deadlift = 160kg

Overhead Press = 70kg


Body weight tests:


Chins = 21 (max rep test)

Dips = 40 (max rep test)

Plank = 4 mins (capped time)

Sit up = 75 in 60s


Conditioning tests:


5 minute Air bike = 3.48km

Weighted carry = 300m @ 55kg carry weight

Kettle bell swing = 49 reps in 60s with a 20kg kettle bell.

1km time running time trial = 3m 13 seconds.


Note: 12 men were involved in the testing process; the scores above are the best scores for each test.


I’m of the opinion, if we don’t have weeks like this where we test then:


– How do we know where we are currently at?


– How do we keep progressing?


– How do we set progressive overload programs without these testing scores?


– Without individual testing scores how do we keep the individual accountable to their performance?


As a coach, I don’t like random, I love seeing everything monitored, and I love to show the men exactly how much training progress they’ve made.


If you would like to improve your training and improve your body composition come join us.


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