The 5 BEST fat loss tips you will read!

Now the dust has settled on Australia Day and the festive season, it feels as though everyone is back into it, it feels as though people are now ready to get cracking on some Fat loss goals…

Here’s our 5 best tips for dropping fat:

1) Calories IN verses Calories OUT is still the most important thing, create a calorie deficit through diet, exercise or both.

2) Your protein intake should make up 20-40% of your diet.

3) Your fat and carbohydrate intake should be determined by personal preference.

4) 80%-90% of the time you should be consuming whole nutrient dense quality foods 10-20% of the time allow for foods that you want to consume.

5) All foods are fine it moderation, you are not banned from any foods.

The most important thing is overall calorie consumption.

We hope you have enjoyed these simple, yet effective tips.

Hopefully we will see you at training soon!