Supplement Reccomendations

I have worked in the supplement industry for 6 + years, my experience, qualifications as a nutrition coach and knowledge qualifies me to coach you in a confusing, saturated market – lets separate the bullshit here and roll with supplements that will work.

Supplements can be highly effective if nutrition is on point, in todays E-newsletter we are going to highlight the effectiveness of some supplements that we fully endorse and announce the awesome relationship between Australian Sports Nutrition, Miranda and LP.

Now lets gets down to it, what do we recommend?

– Whey protein has been scientifically proven to help build lean muscle and recover from training / playing, if you’re not getting enough protein in your diet we would recommend you use whey to supplement.

Protein powder recommendation:

Evolve Lipo whey which contains green tea and inositol to assist with fat loss.

– Testosterone boosters will help increase testosterone naturally for males and people around the world have turned to Tribulus to promote overall health and encourage muscle development.

Testosterone tablet recommendation:

Body Science Triandrobol.

Finally, we have added a green tea product.

The product we have included in our supplement list contains not only a great amount of green tea, it’s not artificially sweetened and it also contains a probiotic to assist gut health function.

Additional benefits of this product include better hydration levels due to increased fluid intake.

Green tea recommendation:

Body Science Tx100.

Really appreciate you reading this blog post, if you’re interested in any of these supplements head up to ASN Miranda tell, them you’re with LP and they’ll give you a discount.

Thanks again,

Dean Jamieson.