New to the Fitness game?

The motivation for this latest blog comes from seeing people come in and out of the fitness game without achieving what they came for. Hopefully these eight pointers will help you along the way if you’re just starting out.

1-      Be patient. You didn’t get out of shape overnight so don’t expect to get into shape overnight either. The more you rush it the more likely staying in shape will not last, enjoy the process no matter how tough it may become, make a promise to your health.

2-      Steer clear of products that promise rapid weight loss or some other bullsh*t claim in a minimal amount of time, they simply do not work long term. I teach all my clients how to calculate/track their macronutrients and that allows them to be educated once they stop working with me and teaches them for the future.

3-      Work on building strength. Don’t get your head down because someone is stronger/ fitter then yourself. At some point they were in your position. Seek an optimal training program for your goal and be consistent.

4-      Stop over complicating your nutrition. It doesn’t have to be so hard/boring/obsessive. If the goal is fat loss, maintain calorie deficit overtime and your goal will become reality. Utilise food to your advantage and try not to get bogged down with he/she says this or he/she does that, learn what works for YOU.

5-      Avoid trying to train at an advanced level. Learn and perfect the basic movements Squat, Chin up, push up etc. there is no need for a beginner to be attempting Snatches, cleans or any advanced exercises. Keep it simple stupid (kiss).

6-       Set your goals and stick to them. Concentrate on one goal at a time by this I mean you are not going to be the world’s strongest man whilst training for a marathon. Pick one and work on it. I have always said getting lean is 70-80% about your nutrition, so if that’s the goal get your nutrition on point, train hard for strength and watch your physique improve.

7-      Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are a work in progress. Don’t hate certain parts of your body work on them, be consistent and achieve the goals you have set. No one is perfect.

8-      Last but not least. Make fitness your lifestyle. If you want to look good and feel great seek a good nutrition plan that suits you and your schedule, train for strength and look for improvements wherever possible.

Be confident and move in the direction of your goal just remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  Twitter: djamo86