Meet Your Fat Loss Buddy: Tanita Bc-418

If you’re in the game of fat loss, as Lean Performance is – you want to measure and monitor your client’s success as accurately as possible.

For this reason, we have invested heavily into the Tanita Segmental Body Composition Analyzer.

Through the use of 8 polar electrodes, the Tanita BC-418 Segmental Body Composition Analyzer can show separate body mass readings for the right arm, left arm, trunk, right leg and left leg.

This machine is twice as accurate as the machine we previously used, it sends double the frequency through the body, and it has been used extensively in clinical research with widely published results.

Some of the key attributes of this machine and the reason why Lean Performance use it monitor our clients fat loss results are:

– Monitoring of muscle mass, fat mass and fat free mass.
– Measuring arm, leg and trunk fat mass and muscle mass in segments that allows us to break down where you hold fat/ muscle mass.
– Basal Metabolic Rate reading which allows us to then set some nutritional guidelines including Calorie intake/ Macronutrient targets, ensuring fat loss success.
– Reports that show and compare all previous body composition analysis.

This system is available to all LP personal training, nutrition & online clients and included in the program fee.

If you are not an LP PT client we offer the use of this machine for $30 per analysis.

Track your progress with us and win!!