Is Food Prep F***ing Up Your Progress?

Raise your hand if this is you….

‘I ate so good all week, then messed up on the weekend’

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I would have a lot of cash.

How do we combat these weekends where we over consume?

In my opinion and the advice I would give, as Nutrition coach is to ensure your food is prepared for the weekend so you don’t get in the trap of eating out every meal and over eating.

Do not get me wrong here, eating out is NOT a bad thing – but over eating will ensure that fat loss is non-existent and stunt progress made during the week.

Tips for controlling the weekend:

– Eat meals that are prepped to maintain energy balance.
– If you have a social event planned that’s fine, eat to the plan before, after and make decent choices during the event.
– Be mindful of poor food choices when consuming alcohol.

Ok, so now we have a few tips down pat…

‘I’m too busy to prep my food’.

Sweet, we have an option for you…

Nutrition Station Cronulla.

Fresh, calorie tracked, macro tracked, nutrient dense,, cost effective meals.


Tell Erin LP sent you and she will look after you.

Stop f***ing up on the weekends, keep progressing.

Thanks for reading.