Are You Mentally Ready To Get In Shape For Summer?

Fat loss can be tough mentally…

It requires a great amount of effort, will power and drive to get lean.

– Energy output in terms of training and physical activity is often increased.

– Energy input in terms of food intake and calorie consumption is often decreased.

– Hunger is inevitable.

– Sacrifice will need to be made, not excessively but to some degree.

– The individual has genuinely got to want to make a change.

The above reasons are why we give our fat loss clients times where they focus on fat loss and times where they focus on performance yet practice intuitive eating.

We are coming up to a time where we will focus on dropping fat…

The ‘8 week Fat loss Focus’ starts September 4th.

We will use this 8 week period to reduce body fat and get leaner for summer.

The people who will succeed in this program will be the ones who:

– Mentally prepare for what’s ahead eg setting reasonable goals/ understanding the process/getting what they set out to achieve from the start of the program.

– Sticking to the plan in terms of nutrition protocols.

– Apply consistency to their training.

As a part of the ‘8 week Fat loss Focus’ we arm the individual with all the tools needed to gain a great result.

Adherence to both training and nutrition is non-negotiable if true results are to be achieved.

In summary:

Getting leaner and getting in better shape for summer is possible for everyone, let’s apply what’s given and let’s get some great results!