Alcohol & Fat loss – Can It Be Done?

Can we live a normal social life whilst adhering to our fat loss goals?

Maybe the most commonly asked question that Lean Performance gets asked.

The answer is YES.

Alcohol is not the devil and yes you can achieve fat loss whilst including alcohol in your plan.

Important aspects we need be mindful of when consuming alcohol:

– Your overall calorie consumption is still the most important thing – be mindful of the calories in your drinks and make smarter choices (less calorific), be mindful of your overall calorie consumption that day including food and drink.

– When consuming alcohol, we are more likely to make poor nutritional choices and over eat e.g. the late night pizza or kebab run.
– When consuming alcohol, we are more likely to miss training sessions the next day due to hangovers / tiredness etc.
Let’s get into a little more detail as to how we can include alcohol and still lose fat.

Alcohol is actually the 4th macronutrient and yields 7 calories per gram.

If you read last weeks post regarding keeping a food diary you will know that tracking your food and drink intake is a great way to lose weight and also a great way to include alcohol into your plan and still achieve your goal.

If you’re serious about seeing results answer these questions?

– How many drinks do you plan on consuming?
– What is the calorie intake of those drinks?

– How much do you need to decrease your food that day to make way for the alcohol intake?

Hopefully this answers your alcohol questions and hopefully it allows you do stay on track with your fat loss goals yet still be social.

Written by:

Dean Jamieson