Client Testimonial: Paul Griffiths – Online Training – Milan, Italy.

Last year I hit 50 years of age. After a life time playing lots of different sports (at a low level!), I had accumulated a number of injuries, such as rotator cuff and knee problems, which reduced my exercise regime to a minimum. Combine a reducing exercise workload with my love of food, chocolate and beer and the inevitable had happened – my weight increased to over 103 kg and I was fat, energy levels suffering and my blood pressure had worryingly increased to the point my doctor wanted to put me on medicine to control it. I had become a middle aged fat man!

One has to bear in mind I’m English and live in Italy, Dean is based in Australia, so everything is email based, and we have never even spoken on the phone!

Following my initial email contact, Dean and myself swapped several emails to discuss my particular goals, injuries and time I can spend in the gym. From this Dean put together a program for me to follow together with a nutrition plan to get my over-eating under control! As this year has progressed we have completed several 8 week training programs, each one building in what I can now see an intelligent progression on what has gone before. Included in each training plan has been work to address my shoulder problems and knee problems. My knees no longer give me trouble as my legs have been steadily improved and become much stronger, reducing the stress on my knees. My shoulders, although still giving problems, are stronger than they’ve been in the last 10 years or so.

My weight is currently 93kg, a loss of 10kg since I started 9 months ago. To be honest the 10kg weight loss is what prompted me to write this! At the same time my strength has increased a lot and on such things as squat, dead lift and bench press I’m as strong if not stronger than I’ve ever been. Just goes to show that age is just a number and it’s never too late to either get strong or regain the strength you once had.

Throughout the past 9 months, Dean has always been encouraging, always willing to listen and give advice when needed; the thing that impressed me more than anything however has been the challenging nature of the workouts. These have progressively got more challenging, always pushing me right to the edge – sometimes beyond – what I thought I was capable of doing. I have regained my old fitness and more besides under Deans guidance, to the point that this 50 year old fat bloke can more than hold his own with the 20 something’s in the local gym.

If anybody out there has any doubts, as I did, about using an on-line personal trainer I can only say give Dean a try, you will not be disappointed. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, encouraging, everything that is good in a personal trainer, including being a masochist when constructing training programs. I can’t think of a single downside to having Dean as a personal trainer! You will note I have used the word “we” on a few occasions as Dean makes you feel you are in this together (even though he’s on the other side of the world) and that does make a difference as it encourages you to complete the training programs as he’s prepared them.

On a final note, my blood pressure is now under control without the need to take prescribed tablets for the rest of my life. Long may that be the case!

Lyndia Rennie

Client Testimonial: Lynda Rennie – Personal Training / Group Training Client

Three and a half years ago I realised that 2 children and my love of food had begun to get the better of me. I began training and counting my macros and found a new passion in exercise and healthy eating.

Over the years I have had great results in both a physical and fitness capacity.

Following my ” clean eating” lifestyle and dropping to around 1100 calories a day, as well as increasing my cardio, this year I became the leanest I have ever been. In doing this however it became a detriment to my mental health. I found that I no longer enjoyed social events with family and friends as the guilt of eating so called ‘non clean foods’ would leave me feeling guilty or wanting to binge . Which I admit , I would do so weekly.


LP introduced me to the world of ‘flexible dieting’. He has shown me that I can enjoy a healthy lifestyle whilst keeping the body I want and eating the food that I enjoy. He has taught me about moderation!

Today I am eating 1600 calories a day, doing half the amount of cardio and have managed to put on minimal weight/ body fat . The amount of calories is still on the climb I would also like to add!!

Most importantly I am enjoying my life again!!! I can socialise with my friends and family without feeling guilty about eating all those foods that I enjoy. Apparently this is called” living


5 week fat loss focus results

  • Here is some results from our last #5weekFatlossFocus, well done guys and girls.

All of the above results came from hard work and following the proper nutrional protocols set out for them during out fat loss seminar.

It just goes to show what a great job can be done in just 5 weeks time.

  • 5 week fat loss focus winners


Client Tesimonial- Julia Montgomery – Group Training

I started training with Dean and Kate 6 weeks ago after coming to the realisation that I was over my holiday weight that I put on in 2013 along with my reactions to certain foods and wanted to finally do something about it.

Dean spoke to me about what I wanted to achieve in an 6 week time frame. Having seen the transformation pictures online I was inspired and after the reviews I decided to do something about it. Each session was professional and they are all so welcoming and helpful. I committed to 1 x 3 hour sessions per week which I found very challenging and extremely hard as I wasn’t used to doing the strength and conditioning work out like they do, however, I still loved going every time. I not only lost a lot cm’s but gained a lot of knowledge and real respect for the trainers.

On my first day of testing we had to complete in a time frame of 1 minute things such as push ups, sit ups, squats, kettle bell swings etc and I could barely get many done in the timeframe which showed me how unfit I had become with fitness and how weak I was. Now I have improved on all of my PBS since 6 weeks ago and can’t wait to re start the next program which is 30 day block so they can push me even harder in reaching more results. I am going to be focusing next time on the meal portion sizes and 1 on 1 sessions throughout to get there. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for Dean and him constantly encouraging me and all the quick responses to emails with any questions I had along the way. The results I got were more than I could have asked for.

I have more energy and have really noticed a difference in my workouts. I consider Dean a great trainer and will continue to recommend the programs after seeing the results hands on. I am so happy I saw the before and after pictures of people for me to realise WOW I want to do something about myself. Don’t think about it just do it.

Thanks Dean

Client Testimonial The Strongman 8 week Body Transformtion: Mick Glenn, 27 years old, Caringbah NSW

I have always considered myself to be fit and healthy, I exercised at least 5 times a week but never I watched what I ate.

When I signed up to Dean’s 8 week body transformation in April he explained how important your diet was when losing weight, he provided guidance and nutrition advice that was easy to understand and follow throughout the 8 weeks.

This coupled with three weekly group workouts designed to get the most out of you took me from 82kgs to a lean 73.9kgs. I never expected to get such a great result.

Dean has made healthy eating and the right type of exercise part of my life and I continue to receive support and advice from him.


Here is an article I had published in the June 2013 edition of Men’s Fitness Australia.

Men's Fitness Article

Client Testimonial #BodyConsults “Online Training”: Kylie-Anne Shearer, Mother of two, Sydney Austalia

I first met Dean during a training session in the gym a little while back , one Saturday morning.

We got talking about training and found out he was a PT.

I began reading his blog and was really impressed by his knowledge of BOTH fitness and nutrition.

I had been lifting weights, in attempt to gain muscle for about a year when I  had reached a plateau. I really needed some guidance. My nutrition was all guess work too, which wasn’t helping either.

I am now into my third training and nutrition program with Dean and have gained lean muscle, while dropping body fat at the same time. I am really happy with my results so far and I owe it all to Dean.

I am the leanest, fittest and healthiest I have ever been, even after having two kids.

Dean has always been there to answer any questions I have for him and I now consider him a friend.


Client Testimonial: Daniel Holdsworth, Hull FC Rugby league, UK

I have known Dean for over 10 years now on a personal and professional level and it was easy to see from when I first met him he was going to be successful in whatever career he chose.

I have played professional Rugby League at the highest level for 10 years and currently play in the Super League UK.

Recently I spent an off season back in Australia and approached Dean to see if he would personally train me one on one for 8 weeks to get me ready for my upcoming 2013 Super League season.

I knew Dean was good, hence me asking him, but he exceeded all my expectations. The way he approached it and they way he conducted himself was 1st class! Training was hard but calculated and specific to what I do as an athlete. He also gave me nutrition advice, monitored my diet and weight daily.

I’ve had 10 pre-season’s with some of the most professional clubs and staff in the world, but I’ve
never been as fit and strong as I am right now and that’s largely thanks to Dean.

I look forward to reaping the rewards and becoming a better player from all the hard work Dean and I put in for 2013 and hope I get the chance to work with him in the future.



Client Testimonial: Carlene Lennon, Sales, Sydney Australia

I started training with Dean 10 weeks after giving birth, like any women you are feeling not yourself and lack a bit of confidence. I had put on 14kgs during my pregnancy.

Dean sat me down and we went over what I wanted to achieve in an 8 week time frame. Having trained with Dean before I knew this was achievable. Each session was professional as Dean had already planned the program. He knew my limits but was able to cross them, he would explain every exercise we were doing and why, which I found very informative and not only lost a lot of weight but gained a lot of knowledge about weight lifting.

I also followed a food plan he set for me which he checked weekly. In the 10 weeks I went from being so weak to being stronger than I have ever been before.

My confidence is back and I have taken up road cycling and riding over 20km’s. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for Dean and him constantly encouraging me. The results I got were more than I could have asked for.

I have more energy for my son now and feel great within myself. I consider Dean a great trainer and friend.

Thanks Dean



Client Progress: Chris Hodge, Security, Sydney Australia

4 weeks into his new training goal.

We have tweaked Chris’s nutrition to ensure he is consuming enough protein in his diet.

Chris has been training hard lifting weights in the gym with me and riding his mountain bike 30 mins every night, keep up the good work mate.

   Chris Hodge 4 week pic